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A Course for all Horses?: Rethinking NET Coaching at HEIs

  Isn’t it time we rethought the excessive thrust attached to providing National Eligibility Test (NET) Examination Coaching to students at College / University campuses? There are many colleges in the Country which spent a lot of time and energy singularly focusing on making the Postgraduate students clear the NET examination. As a Teacher License Test which will enable them to take up teaching as a vocation, it is significant. Though it is fine to make the students capable of cracking the NET / JRF Tests, the lopsided importance attached to the same invites a rethink. For a number of reasons, there must be reservations on putting all your money in the NET Exams. Teacher-promotion of teaching as the only serious vocation too is a troublesome thought. To begin with, of the plethora of career pathways which open up after the graduation/ postgraduation, that of teaching at College / University level is just one. Though community may attach more value and significance to it, it stil
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Don't Little Fascisms Add up?

    Like all evils, many of us seem to wake up too late to realize that fascism has been around us for long. Not just that, it has been cuddled and nurtured in many ways by many of us, if not all of us. But the belief that little acts of illogical intransigence may not be dangerous enough to harm the Republic has kept us, our home grown varieties of fascism, going. As always, when you find someone who has got rich, doing what you did for fun or what you dropped after practicing small scale, you find your eyebrows arching. When fascism seems to flourish around us, and when more seem to behave illustrating my-way-or-no-way attitude, and when we seem to wonder where do all these come from, some thoughts should be spared for the little acts of fascism of the home grown variety. At home and in our small offices, on the road and in queues, in the meetings we hold and the discussions we involve in and occasionally lead - these matter. Is not this a paradigm shift we need to promote, espec

English for Running Webinars

    Physical isolation has brought in not just webinars to the academia. It has once again emphasized the need for healthy communication skills. And not just that, it has brought in the need to have reasonable good informal conversational skills. Since English is not our native tongue, we have been fed with a curriculum heavy in formal English communication skills that our students are generally lacking in casual conversation and small talk skills. This is also because English language has been taught more and used less. The infodemic let loose by the pandemic in the form of webinars has put one aspect of this on display. Since many of us were not into online teaching and webinars (in a big way) pre-pandemic, and since our digital information pathways are not capacious enough to bear the brunt of massive connectedness, there are many glitches while we attempt these exercises. An interesting one for me, perhaps because am also what they call a language guy, is the need for some pr

We Need Days. Many.

  We need a Day for forgetting those we remember. A Day for the coconut trees that slant towards the neighbour's yard. We need a Day to celebrate lukewarm mornings when Sun gets out late. A Delay Day for those   who can’t stand time. A Day for the teachers who teach more lessons. Let tomorrow be a Day for those rich who queue up for concessions during recessions. A Day for the mothers who wait for the return of the dead too. We need a Day for those upset with political triple speak. Another Day for the elite who are worried of their rights being denied. An international Day for those who walk umbrella-less in the Sun. We must fight for a Day for those women who wanted to worship at men-only altars and then piously decided otherwise. A Day for the runaway groom. We need a Day for the youth who don't rebel. A Global disobedience Day, to reinforce the need to orient the people regarding which side of the bread is buttered depending on who is in power, is the hour's need. We

FLIPPED CLASSROOM 2: A Very Brief Sketch of Evolution of the Idea

Of Webinars

  If periods are named after a single, predominant activity that characterizes it, there could be reasons why we should call the period we are passing through as the ‘age of webinars', even though the use of the term 'age' may sound rather stretched. But given the way the world plies in adjectives of the highest degree and blows things out of reasonable proportion, I can stand my ground. If, on the grounds of practices of a c0uple of months we can talk a ‘new normal’ into existence, one can employ the term 'age' to denote it too! Webinars have certainly raised the bar of the institutions in terms of technological competence and digital flair. All have equipped themselves a lot digital literacy wise. There has been tremendous upskilling on the part of the academic professional thanks to the Covidian compulsions. But there are many more reasons for their popularity and frequency. Let us take a cursory look at the webinar-scenario unfolding. Expense factor The b